Genoa School Reunions
-----Massillon, Ohio-----
Welcome and congratulations!  You have reached the web page for alumni and reunion planning for Genoa Elementary School, Massillon, Ohio, USA.
More specifically this site has been established to support and provide information regarding the school reunions for 2001 and beyond.  If you are a former Genoa School student or faculty member and would like to be added to the mailing list please send an e-mail to Richard Fink at
Note: To view the names and addresses on the Mailing List Page you will need to enter a password.  The password is the last name (no caps) of our school princlpal  (Paul ________)  during the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Do you remember?     
History - In the fall of 1996 the first ever Genoa School reunion was held.  It was a fun revisitation and included an Open House at the school, talks by former teachers, a campfire wiener roast ...and plenty of time to catch up with lost childhood friends.  That gathering was the brain-child of Bob Evans (Class of 1953), who guessed that there were others who would want to revisit the school and friends of grade school youth.

He was absolutely correct, the turnout was excellent.  The attendance list from that first group contained over 130 names, mostly of alumni from the 1940's and early 1950's.       
2001 Reunion - By popular demand a second reunion was held on August 25, 2001.  Attendance swelled as friends contacted friends and a great turnout filled the Genoa auditorium.  Even a number of out of state alumni appeared from as far away as Florida, Missouri and Arizona.  The program at the school was followed by a catered barbecue at the Sippo Lake Park.  The unofficial headcount at Sippo Lake was 192.   Those that attended are indicated by an "*" to the left of their names on the Mailing List page of this web site, which you can view by clicking the appropriate button above.

The Open House at the school was preceded by a program that centered on a tribute to retired teacher Harry Hall.  Besides being one of Genoa's and Perry's favorite teachers Harry had also been a student at Genoa.  A short film was also shown that had been broadcast by a Cleveland TV station that highlighted Harry's role in major World War II events.

The program was MC' ed by Ken Hartwick, former Genoa student and retired Superintendent of Perry Schools.  Other speakers included Bob Evans,  Harold Hall, Tom Winkhart, Dick Fink and several former teachers including Betty Clark, Pat Shively Preusser, and Harry Hall. 
Why is the Genoa Reunion unique?  The unusual level of participation in this reunion speaks loudly to the keen interest that Genoa alumni have in reconnecting with their school and school mates from the past.  For an elementary school this is quite unusual.  Clearly this is due in large part to the fact that Genoa students, graduating prior to the opening of Perry High in 1957, were  scattered across the many high schools in Canton and Massillon.  Hence, the normal continuity that results from being able to maintain friendships from grade school right through high school was broken .  This reunion event then clearly provides a chance to reconnect with classmates where that reconnection opportunity would normally have been provided by high school reunions.  Perhaps that is why our Genoa reunions are unique...and very popular.         .